5 ways to make used furniture look new

While buying 2nd hand furniture from a used office furnitures store you might have to compromise on the quality a little bit especially when you are getting used Herman Miller chairs at a pretty economical rate.

Well, you don’t have to keep your used Herman Miller chairs and the other 2nd hand furniture items the way they are. You can do the upgrades so your used second hand furniture would look new.

1. Fill cracks

You might find a few cracks in the furniture that you bought from the used furniture stores. Well, don’t worry about them as you can fill them with the right type of material. if you are noticing a few cracks appeared in your wooden furniture then you just need to paint it the same color as the furniture.

You can use wax for filling the cracks and then paint it so no one will ever notice that there was a crack once there. Your furniture will look new instantly.

2. Paint old furniture

How about a retouch of paint to your old furniture? Well if you are tired of the shade then you can change it simply. If you want your furniture to looking more vibrant and lively then you can simply repaint your whole furniture.

Yes, you don’t have to buy furniture if you don’t like the old flaky shade of your old furniture, you can change it by yourself.

3. Cover ugly surfaces

Sometimes the surfaces of the old furniture start getting broken or stained. Such surfaces don’t look good at all. How about a little DIY with the ugly surfaces? If you don’t like the flaky or ancient shade of the old cabinets in your house then you can turn them into a pretty pink or turquoise shade?

Yes, you just have to be a bit creative and unique and you can turn any old furniture into a new one. You can choose contrast shades for ugly furniture surfaces.

4. Use a table cloth

If you are not interested in painting the whole furniture then how about covering it with something elegant yet beautiful? If you don’t like the surface of your dining table then how about you give it a fancy makeover with the help of a nice table cloth?

5. Rub out scratches

If you move your furniture a lot in your house then scratched will start appearing on them but this doesn’t mean you need to change the whole furniture because it will cost you a fortune. You just need to rub ground coffee with a little bit of water and the scratches will vanish instantly.

Your old furniture would look like a new one you just bought from the store.

The final word

You don’t have to let people know that you bought used Herman Miller chairs from used furniture stores. You can do a little bit of hard work on them and they will just look like new ones. We have already shaded few tricks that will help you to make your used office furniture Manchester look like a new one.